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Eric and Dylan seem to have trusted one another until the very end. Nowhere in their journals do they have doubts about whether the other person will want to go through with it, or do they say something unfavourable about the other. But they were deceiving each other.
Dylan starts his journal in March ‘97 — one year earlier than Eric starts his, but around the time Eric starts his website. In that first year, until Eric’s “NBK.doc” from the end of april ‘98, Dylan names Eric once, and Eric names him twenty-three times. That one time, Dylan calls him “Eric”, all twenty-three times Eric uses the confidential “Vodka” or the even more confidential “V”.
In the privacy of his own journal, Eric’s ideas are meaningless to Dylan. His journal doesn’t speak about natural selection, the invalidity of morals, burning the world down to the ground.
Dylan named Eric once in the first year of his journal — in the year after that, he does so thrice. Once as ‘Reb’ in a list of otherwise redacted names; twice as Eric. One instance is a casual remark about the fight between Eric and Zach — the other time is his sigh on January 20th ‘99 or shortly thereafter:
"Im stuck in humanity. maybe going "NBK" (gawd) w. eric is the way to break free. i hate this."
Not only does it mark the first time, eight months after Eric and he decided on their earthshaking mass murder, that he says something about it in his journal; he also speaks guilelessly about the way he sees Eric.
The ‘gawd’ indicates horror that this is the way it’s going to be — he had dreamed about an NBK with Her. It is almost as if he recoils from using that ‘magical phrase’ NBK in combination with Eric Harris — as though it is sacrilegious to go on and do something so intimate as killing and dying together with him. Eric may be, without knowing it, busy to arrange the halcyon-journey for Dylan, but on this journey itself he is an unwelcome companion.
With this ‘gawd’, Dylan edges closer to writing something unfavourable about Eric than he ever did before.

- Excerpt from We Are But We Are Not Psycho, by Tim Krabbé.

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i will never accept how under appreciated megamind is

it is a movie about a villain who succeeds in killing the hero 

It also has a “nice guy” and the girl is not demonized for not liking him

he even becomes the actual villain

One of the most underrated Dreamworks flicks.

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I will reblog this every single time

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A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her.

now accepting anon hate


but only in the form of haikus

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